Our Story

The story of our church is wonderful and filled with God ordained moments. In January of 1905,
a small group of 22 people launched Sweet Home Baptist Church; only, the second African-American Baptist Church in Round Rock.


Those early days were incredible as the vision of the church and the love of God was
being shared.  The church served in its first home for over 80 years, claiming two more permanent worship facilities before arriving on Sunrise Rd. 


When the church moved onto Sunrise Rd., our current facility, there was so much excitement and momentum. The church
continued to grow and do even greater things within our community.


Looking around, we can see God’s hand over our church.  The church has began is outreach; and, it is extensive and expanding to build a solid foundation of Biblical transformation among our members and our surrounding community.




Continuing Our Legacy

Our Legacy Campaign is our opportunity to pass along God’s love to those around us and those that will lead and follow after us.
What will they say about us when we are gone? Will they have stories of us being servant unto the Lord, giving generously, taking care of this House of God, developing a solid physical and financial foundation upon which they can build? 
In our actions today, you are establishing our legacy for all to see – especially our youth, in whom we will one day hand over the leadership and responsibility of further Developing Christian Disciples, through the Word, to influence the world.

In moments like this, we have been given a great opportunity to shape the generations that will follow us. Will we be a church that settles for having a nice place to worship or will we be a ministry force in our community that truly makes a difference?  Your financial commitment enables us to continue to do God’s work, God’s way, for God’s glory.

Campaign Update

Our Legacy Campaign is more about mission than building.  It has much more to do with the lives changed with the money given.  However, the mission is advanced through the resources God provides and our building renovation is certainly a major component to that missional resource.  
We are so humbled and blessed by, you, our church body for your support and commitment to contribute to this renovation.   Our current renovation estimate is $600K.   
In November 2017, we began the renovation process within our facility; which includes the addition of bathrooms in the east wing, an 8000 sq. ft. wall mural, an extension of the stage, the replacement of chairs with pews, added office space for church staff, upgrades to audio, video, and sound and many more.
If you have any questions about our campaign, feel free to speak with Ander N. Mitchell (Campaign Chairman) Dr. Dante D. Wright (Senior Pastor) or Sis. Theresa Bentley (Director of Finance).
Your Commitment
As stewards of the church, this is a call for you, the church, to  be the church, by providing a monetary contribution to the building project, separate from your tithes and offering.
Your contribution, BEYOND your regular tithes and offering, will afford us, the entire church body, an opportunity to transform our current worship space and make other needed improvements throughout the building. 

We are counting on your commitment to care for THIS House of God.  Allow God to guide your heart in your giving and honor your stewardship responsibilities to this church with your monetary contribution and discover the joy in giving to God.